Basic Dojo Rules and Procedures

1. Always be respectful in and out of the dojo.

2. Gi must be clean and worn only in the dojo, except for valid reasons.

3. No jewelry to be worn while working out.

4. Always bow when entering or leaving the workout area.

5. No conversation while in the workout area.

6. Always keep fingernails and toenails trimmed.

7. Always get permission from the highest rank before leaving the workout area.

8. Always keep busy while in workout area unless instructed otherwise.

9. Pay strict attention to what you are taught.

10. Never show anyone what you have been taught in class.

11. Never ask a higher rank to spar.

12. Always be courteous and respectful when working with a partner. (NO CONTACT)

13. Be on time for class and all school events.

14. Always properly excuse yourself when unable to attend class or other events.

15. Never make up a class without permission.

16. Always make your instructor aware of any injuries or illness prior to participating in class. 

These are only the basic rules and procedures of the Academy. For additional rules
and regulations, see your instructor.

To properly study the Martial Arts and to progress in rank, the rules of the school
must be followed.